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Christa Lese Martin, PhD, FACMG

Director, ADMI



Autism & Developmental Medicine Institute
120 Hamm Drive
Lewisburg, PA 17837


PhD, University of Pittsburgh, 1991-1996


Genomics, Autism, Neurosciences, Rare Diseases, Behavioral Health


Human Genetics, Neurodevelopmental disorders, Developmental Medicine, Clinical Research, Genomic Variation


My research focuses on the identification and characterization of genomic variation in individuals with neurodevelopmental disabilities, including autism. I am interested in determining the genetic cause for these disorders and correlating genotype with phenotype by genetic sub-type. Ultimately, this "genotype-first" approach will lead to targeted treatment modalities based on the underlying genetic etiology. Another area of my research focuses on evidence-based approaches to understanding genomic variation. By using large clinical genomic datasets, we are cataloging genomic variation that occurs in individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders as compared to normal populations to assist in defining pathogenic versus benign regions of the human genome. 


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Moreno-De-Luca, D, Sanders SJ, Willsey AJ, Mulle JG, Lowe JK, Geschwind DH, State MW, Martin CL*, Ledbetter DH* (*denotes equal contribution). (2013, Oct). Using large clinical datasets to infer pathogenicity for rare copy number variants in autism cohorts. Mol Psychiatry , 18(10):1090-5.   

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