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Faculty Page

Monica A Giovanni, MS, CGC

Clinical Investigator

Director of Clinical Genomics Strategy, Northeast


Genomic Medicine Institute
190 Welles Street Suite 128
Forty Fort, PA 18704


MS, Medical Genetics, University of Cincinnati, 2005-2007


Genomics, Genetics, Health Services


Whole Genome Sequencing, Clinical Genomics, Physician Education in Genomics


My professional experience has focused on expanding the reach of genetics services and the implementation of advancing genetic technologies to better serve the population as a whole. As a clinical researcher, I worked to engage patients in the gathering of family health history for direct implementation into the electronic health record for use in primary care. I am involved in several National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) funded research projects on the implementation of whole genome sequencing in primary care as well as in the arena of oncology. In the context of physician education, I have directed continuing medical education courses as well as post graduate education courses in genetics. I am interested in case-based education for practicing providers to expand genomic knowledge.  


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