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Marc S Williams, MD

Director, Genomic Medicine Institute


Genomic Medicine Institute
100 North Academy Avenue
Danville, PA 17822


MD, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1977-1981


Genetics, Genomics, Health Information Technology, Health Services, Comparative Effectiveness


Application of genetics/genomics in clinical care, Use of information technology for point-of-care education nd clinical decision support, dissemination and Implementation Science, Quality Improvement, Economics of health care delivery


My primary interest has been to study the impact of implementing genetics, genomics and family history in routine clinical care. Successful implementation requires the application of many disparate elements including technology assessment, modeling and decision analysis, the science of behavioral change, quality improvement, knowledge management, informatics, health care economics and patient-centered outcomes all of which are components of the emerging discipline of implementation science. I am also very interested in defining the value proposition of new genomic technologies with value being simplistically represented as outcomes/cost. My research to date has examined the impact of family history on provider experience;  the role of informatics to provide point-of-care, "just-in-time" education resources and passive decision support to clinicians regarding genetic topics; impact of tumor-based screening for Lynch syndrome (including extensive modeling to optimize the efficiency of the program); use of query tools to obtain information on genetic conditions from electronic data warehouses; and application of the tools of quality improvement to facilitate implementation of evidence-based best practices in genetics and genomics. I am now beginning to explore how we can get information from patients about their preferences including an assessment of the patient's location on the State of Change continuum and use those preferences to reconcile priorities regarding preventive and therapeutic interventions with the patient's provider to see if that will improve satisfaction for both and increase compliance with recommendations leading to measurable improvement in outcomes and improved value.


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