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Jove Graham, PhD

Research Investigator


Center for Health Research
100 North Academy Avenue
Danville, PA 17822
Phone: (570) 214-9578
Fax: 570-214-9451


M.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, 1997-2000
Ph.D. Bioengineering, University of California, Berkeley and San Francisco, 1997-2002


Outcomes, Health Services, Biostatistics, Health Information Technology


Medical devices, surgical outcomes, technology assessment


The need to compare different treatments for a given disease is becoming more important as solutions become more diverse and healthcare costs threaten to spiral out of control. Most diseases or conditions can be approached using a variety of different medical, pharmacological, surgical or health services options. Understanding the differences between these options, in terms of both their appropriateness for different patients and the expected outcomes, becomes very important in order to select the best treatment for each patient while keeping costs under control. In the clinical literature, most published studies on new devices or surgeries reflect data from case series or strictly-controlled randomized trials designed to obtain FDA approval. Differences in patient samples and study designs make these results difficult to compare among competing devices, and direct head-to-head comparisons are not generally published. My research interest is to help users of medical technology more easily understand and evaluate the diverse technological solutions available for treating different diseases, and to study how differences in technology translate into differences in patient-reported clinical outcomes such as pain relief or improved quality-of-life. A strength of the Geisinger Health System is our ability to use the electronic health record (EHR) to identify control patients with similar patient background characteristics to surgical candidates we wish to study.


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Deegan BF, Richard RD, Bowen TR, Perkins RM, Graham JH, Foltzer MA. (2014, July). Impact of Chronic Kidney Disease Stage on Lower-extremity Arthroplasty. Orthopedics , 37(7):e613-8.   

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Graham J, Irgit K, Smith WR, Bowen TR. (2013). Diaphyseal femur fractures associated with bisphosphonate use. Acta Orthop Traumatol Turc. , 47(4), 255-60.   

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